Our Services

Project One Cumming provides a complete range of services:

Project One Cumming assists with site selection; entitlements; annexations; existing building evaluations; project pro-formas; selecting contract delivery methods; implementing a selection process for designers, contractors, and consultants; creating master project development budgets and schedules; evaluating insurance programs; establishing cost and accounting procedures; managing design evolution; managing on-site construction activities; project closeout; and more.

Prior to joining Project One Cumming, several of our team members worked as builders. With that background, they bring first-hand knowledge of what it takes to plan, manage, and construct projects. This has proven invaluable to our clients as the services we provide are founded on our deep industry knowledge and expertise.

“I have been working with the Project One team for the past 10 years through use of consultant services, coordinating development proposals and assisting with Castle Rock municipal facility projects. The high level of professionalism and ability to quickly and accurately identify key issues and provide resolution is outstanding. We are extremely proud to call the Project One team our development partners.”

Bill Detweiler, Director of Development Services, Town of Castle Rock

Owner Representation

Planning a construction project takes the combined efforts of many professionals, each with varying experiences and areas of expertise. Project One Cumming captures the strengths of these parties and unites them as an integrated team. We are committed to understanding the needs and expectations of all stakeholders in the process and are dedicated to helping the entire team succeed.

As project management leaders with a passion for achieving the best possible results, we identify the most logical path to achieving success for each project and client, and make certain that all team members understand their responsibilities in following that path. We carefully determine the requirements needed to complete each task and work hard to neutralize any outside factors that may negatively impact the process.

Due Diligence / Entitlement Management

Our approach to managing entitlement processes during development has proven invaluable to our clients. Whether this includes navigating zoning or annexation issues, securing approvals from jurisdictions having authority, participating in neighborhood association meetings, collaborating with government agencies at all levels, or just coordinating permits, we have the experience and expertise to manage the entire process.

We use our proven management tools and procedures to coordinate each discipline and activity throughout the entitlement phase.

Cost Estimating & Management

Project One Cumming’s construction cost specialists are known for the accuracy of their estimates and budgets, and deliver continuous cost guidance to our internal teams and outside clients. With one of the largest in-house cost teams of any company in the industry, we are able to provide the following cost differentiators, which could make all the difference on your next project:

  • Accurate and actionable cost solutions
  • Vast sector knowledge
  • Early and continuous involvement

Contract Preparation and Negotiations

Project One Cumming works with a wide range of contract delivery methods, including traditional design-bid-build, design-build, CM/GC GMP, and variations of each. We have worked extensively with numerous contract formats, including those endorsed by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC), and the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), as well as consensus documents, development agreements, and a variety of owner-customized agreements.

Our approach to contracts is firm but fair, and based on our first-hand knowledge of what really happens on jobsites. With this expertise, we are able to help clients draft clearly defined contract language that significantly reduces the number of disputes that arise later. If an issue does occur, the strong contractual foundation we help our clients establish makes it easier to navigate and resolve the challenge.

Project One Cumming knows contracts, and works hard to protect you from risk and ultimately save you time and money.

Standard Operating Procedures

Many Project One Cumming clients have in-house design and construction, real estate, and facilities management departments. These different departments may have different cultures, processes, tools, and approaches. To overcome this, and to ensure efficient collaboration between groups, we have found it beneficial to implement a well-defined project management process to provide consistency across the board.

Based on our experience developing standard operating procedures (SOPs), we have found that we can reliably reduce overall operational costs by combining services, eliminating waste, and implementing unification measures across teams or departments. As each organization varies in size, complexity, and the type of projects they undertake, SOP development services are customized for each client based on their specific needs and objectives.

Project Monitoring

Project One Cumming works with lenders and investors to analyze risk and review opportunities for new construction, renovations, and project workouts. We provide our clients with the confidence that risks have been clearly identified and thoroughly evaluated prior to a loan or investment commitment.

Project One monitors the progress of construction against draw values to protect clients against over-billing and other discrepancies in documentation. Necessary documentation is gathered and reviewed for accuracy throughout the entire process.

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